Board Services...

Take advantage of member benefits such as continuing education seminars and classes, standard forms, and bi-monthly educational, inspiring and motivational meetings. At additional costs, we offer a Real Estate supplies store and a Multiple Listing Service provided by our REALTOR® owned THE MLS CLAW®, which is a regional Multiple Listing Service, which offers --- FREE "Clarus MarketMetrics Statistical Report" so you can better understand the local market; FREE "Statistics Corner" accessible from homepage to create your own statistics, and Free Listingbook, an online service that connects agents and their clients through an integrated platform of client management, sales productivity, and direct marketing tools. Membership to the MLS Claw requires a separate membership fee. See: MLS Benefit Flyer

Collective Voice in Government...Legislative Advocacy...

We have lobbyist at the local, state, and federal levels who work on your behalf to preserve your ability to do business in a challenging environment. Visit the Government Affairs section of C.A.R.

Increased Market Exposure...

You have the opportunity to share property listing information and give increased market exposure to your clients along with a broader selection of properties.

In addition to the comfort and confidence you gain in your alliance with professional organized real estate, you are entitled to a wide range of products, programs and services designed to assist you in serving your clients, expanding your business, and increasing your earnings potential.

Membership includes access to:

  • Winforms — instant access to the latest version of C.A.R. standard forms on-line and desktop
  • C.A.R. Online — the Official C.A.R Website
  • C.A.R. News Line — weekly on-line industry news
  • California Real Estate Magazine & Real Estate Tech Magazine
  • Client Direct — the customizable newsletter to use in marketing
  • Member Advantage Program — discount insurance and other services
  • N.A.R. Membership — the largest trade association and voice for Real Estate

      There  is an

  • THE MLS CLAW® —  a regional Multiple Listing Service
  • Listingbook — online service connecting agents and their clients through an integrated platform of client management, sales productivity, and direct marketing tools.
  • Clarus MarketMetrics Statistical Report — enables you to better understand the local market
  • Statistics Corner — create your own statistics and stay informed on the latest market trends.



The SWLAAOR store has everything the REALTOR® needs including signs, bags, books, REALTOR® merchandise, etc — this store has the works! Open: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. For store inquiries, contact us at 1-310-216-6781 or click here to send email.